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Our detailed financial planning process allows us to thoroughly understand each client’s personal and financial situation, objectives, comfort level with risk, and time horizon for achieving goals. With our expertise in investing, tax management, risk mitigation, and other areas, we will coordinate all the elements of your financial life with a plan to help you reach your bottom-line goals and achieve peace of mind.


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We manage our clients’ assets as if they were our own. We work to achieve our clients’ goals through appropriate growth and income, but also have a focus on risk tolerance. We consider all of the competing forces that can impact a portfolio over time. Through research, tactical allocation, and risk modeling and management, we develop and manage portfolios that will help you stick with your plan and achieve your long-term goals.


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(Includes LTD, LTC, Life, and Charitable Giving)

Managing risk is an essential element for maintaining financial stability. Risk management is intended to minimize losses potentially associated with risks to your assets, business, or health. Some examples of risk are personal and professional liability, business ownership, property loss, and catastrophic illness or disability. We will help you to identify your sources of risk and then develop strategies to either avoid or minimize the major exposures.


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Whether you’re still early in your career or just a few years away from retirement, River City Financial will help you plan for the retirement lifestyle you want, with a range of retirement planning services, for individuals as well as businesses. We always work diligently to serve as a steward for our clients’ wealth, simplifying life’s complexities with a full spectrum of strategies tailored to their needs.


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(Includes Startups, Established Businesses, and Succession Planning)

At River City Financial, we understand that launching, running, and transitioning a business today takes commitment and knowledge of the complex financial environment. We will work with you to ensure that you maximize your business’ value and take care of the key people around you. Often, the pressures of running a successful business take priority over the time spent on planning for the financial security of you and your employees. We can help with wealth management and offer comprehensive support for complex business planning needs.


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Taxes can substantially impact the amount of wealth you build and how quickly you build it. The amount of wealth that gets filtered away by taxes is a direct reflection of how tax-efficient your finances are. We will work with you to develop strategies for increasing tax efficiencies, such as increasing your tax deductions, reducing your taxable income by investing in retirement accounts, and taking advantage of tax credits and helpful provisions in the tax law. In this way, we can help you to minimize your tax debt and put you in a better position to achieve your financial goals.

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