Succession  Planning

What’s the Plan?

As an experienced advisor, you know the risks of failing to plan for the future. Succession, continuity, and acquisition planning for your business are critical to maintaining continuity for the clients you have dedicated your career to serving. River City Financial can offer you the tools you need to develop the right plan for the next phase of your business:



You will benefit from our team’s practical experience in acquisitions and succession planning. We have the knowledge and understanding to guide you.



You know the importance of process to the success of any plan. River City Financial has a defined process that we implement for succession and acquisition planning:

Discovery Conversation

What elements of succession/acquisition are most important to you? What are your priorities throughout the process?

Define Your Plan

Carefully and thoughtfully outline your ideal exit strategy and legacy.

Value Your Business

A third party measures your business valuation by the predictability of future cash flows.

Structure the Transaction

Our top priority is the focus on mitigation and transfer of risk for you, the seller.

Organize the Transition Plan

Maximize the value of the business by arranging for your client’s investment relationship and plan for client advisor introductions.

Implement the Plan

Ensure a smooth and successful transition by including your staff in the planning and implementation stages.



Through our relationship with Cambridge Investment Research, we have an experienced and expert support team in the Cambridge Succession and Acquisitions Solutions Team. That support includes:

Business valuations

  • Market-based, risk-adjusted valuation methodology incorporating factors such as geography, client demographics, and asset concentration combined with a free cashflow approach designed to produce a highly accurate valuation.


  • One-on-one customized consulting on all phases of practice acquisition, merger, or sale
  • Customized (death and disability) and succession (retirement or acquisition) documents, designed to help reduce or eliminate outside legal fees
  • Post-transaction client retention strategies
  • Continuity Express® ensures you have, at minimum, a written emergency continuity plan in place that we can back or fund if no partner or successor has been identified. This program is complimentary to financial professionals with Cambridge.


  • Continuity Plan Agreements, Asset Purchase Agreements, and supporting documents provided.

Financing Solutions

  • River City Financial has access to practice acquisition financing through both Cambridge and traditional third-party banks giving us the flexibility to structure deals that are customized to each individual seller.
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